It’s officially winter in the Northern Hemisphere – or you might want to call it the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a season of hot chocolate, snow angels, icy sidewalks, and snowcapped mountain slopes. It’s the only season when you can enjoy ski resorts and wear ski gears like the ones you’ll find at this review site. And it’s also the season of holiday movies.

But the season would not be complete without its archetypal piece – snow. To better feel the spirit of this season, I’ve scoured around and looked for the art pieces that best depict the winter wonderland. From Utagawa Hiroshige’s interpretation of the winter scene in the orients to the multicolored blizzard landscapes of Wasilly Kandinsky, let’s take a glimpse and be fascinated at these art pieces inspired by the yuletide season.

  1. Night Snow at Kambara by Utaga Hiroshige – As soulful depiction of Christmastime in the Japanese landscape, this art piece vividly captures the snowy jaunt in Kambara. And it’s nothing close to your sidewalks.
  2. January by Grant Wood – This oil on Masonite painting showcase the teepees carefully arranged through a snow-covered expanse. The use of shadows and the ominous footprints make it very evocative.
  3. The Hunters in the Snow by Pieter Bruegel – In this oil-on-wood painting, a group of hunters and its troop of canine pals are colorfully illustrated. The snowy Flemish landscapes set as perfect backdrop.
  4. Winter Landscape by Wassily Kandinsky – The depiction of snow in this oil on cardboard painting is impressive. You could barely see any white paint which makes it look surreal. Had this scenery been real, it would have been the best place for any ski enthusiast to roll down and try the best twin tip skis.
  5. The Magpie by Claude Monet – If there’s fifty shades of grey, this one showcases fifty shades of white. Simply staring into this impressionist painting will rouse the spirit of winter.
  6. New Snow in the Avenue by Edvard Munch – This painting would not make you scream. It presents the winter landscape in an abstract way, open to the audience’s interpretation.
  7. Road to Versailles at Louveciennes (The Snow Effect) by Camille Pissaro ­– What Versailles would look like in this time of the year, that’s what Pissaro beautifully captured in this oil on canvas painting. You can’t help but love the crisp white brushstrokes of winter.
  8. Winter (The Vicarage Garden Under Snow) by Vincent van Gogh – The prolific van Gogh showcases his creativity in this abstraction of winter. The use of pastel colors with the snowy landscape in the background is perfect.
  9. Tres Riches Heures du duc de Berry by Limbourg Brothers – The best surviving example of French Gothic manuscript, this piece of history depicts every season of the year. It perfectly encapsulates in images the thick winter snow covering the landscape.
  10. Winter Landscape with Church by Caspar David Friderich – A visualization of German winter, this oil on canvas summarizes all that winter is in this part of the globe. It is complete with all that makes winter, winter – church, snowcapped landscape. It’s simply nostalgic!