Disney and other massive corporations release so many movies that some are bound to be lost in the scuffle. There are some movies that were released to theaters that are in fact excellent movies, but never got the full attention that they deserved because they were just not “the popular choice.” Well we can’t let those movies go unknown or forgotten! Let’s talk about a few of the most underrated animated movies.

Wallace and Gromit

This British stop-motion comedy was released in three 30 minute episodes, with a full-feature movie and a spin-off show called “Shaun the Sheep.” Wallace and Gromit was the story of an eccentric inventor and his dog, Gromit. They go on all sorts of adventures, which mostly come from Wallace’s mistakes during inventing. Shaun the Sheep is the spin off from the 3rd episode, and it is one of the best comedies out there. It’s brilliant because it’s totally silent! Sheep don’t talk, silly!

Meet The Robinsons

This Dreamworks sci-fi movie never really made it to the top as far as reviews or fan favorites go. For some reason, Meet the Robinsons never got the full attention that it deserved. This is odd, because it is one of the most clever movies Dreamworks has ever made. It is a solid and somewhat grounded vision of a sci-fi future, with time travel being a new and innovative technology to this civilization. The villain is one of the most odd and conflicted villains in any sci-fi movie you’ll ever watch.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels

Too many Star Wars fans assume that because these shows are animated, they are just for kids. Well guess what? The original Star Wars movies were made for kids too! These shows tell stories that are better than some of the later movies. The heroes and villains are memorable, and the new locations and weapons are fascinating. For some reason my dog loves this show too; a lot of nights we sit down and I’ll pass him dog toys from http://dogsrant.com/ while he sits in his massive, comfy dog bed. You can get a nice bed like his here!


Ok, I know it’s a bit of a stretch to call this movie underrated. But it really is! Tangled never got the full attention it deserved because Frozen came out so soon after. But I believe Tangled is the much better movie and deserves much more attention. Rapunzel is a great heroine; she’s innocent and interesting, but she is also a strong person and can stand up to trouble when it comes! Flynn Rider is a far better male character than any in Frozen; he’s funny, he can hold his own in a frying pan fight, and he’s more roguish and dashing. Tangled also has excellent musical numbers that rival Frozen; songs like “When Will My Life Begin” stand up with the best Frozen has to offer. This movie tells a wonderful and underrated story!

Pixar is a giant in modern children’s movies; movies like “Up,” “Inside Out,” “The Incredibles,” and “Toy Story” are classics as soon as they come out. Pixar may be a massive corporate filmmaking business, but their movies are works of art that can mess with your emotions long after you leave the theater.

But I don’t just want to talk about the feature films that Pixar makes; one of the hallmarks that Pixar has mastered is the art of the short film. Almost every Pixar film features a 3-5 minute short film, unrelated to the movie (with the exception of the Toy Story franchise). These can range from goofy to emotional, and sometimes tell a better story than the entire movie… In only 3 minutes or so. Here are a few of the best Pixar animated short films! Take notes… They can teach you how to tell an amazing story without words and in just a few minutes!

Geri’s Game, 1997 (A Bug’s Life)

This short is one of the most underrated Pixar shorts of them all. This short film features an old man playing chess against himself in the park. There is no dialogue; the old man simply moves from one side of the chessboard to the other. The interesting thing about this short is that Geri seems to become two players; each side of the board has a different personality. You feel a bit sad for this old man who has no one to play with; you wonder about his background and his life. This wins the prize for the most emotion packed into a small moment.

Lifted, 2006 (Ratatouille)

This is one of Pixar’s most humorous short films; it is about a novice alien who is trying to abduct a sleeping farmer. The alien realizes that the controls are massive in a mothership, and cannot find a way to manipulate all the controls to do what he needs to do. He abducts the cat, he throws the furniture around by accident… Everything except for the farmer! The other alien, the older and wiser one, has the agility of a Ninja, taking the controls and competently driving the ship. This short film kicked off the tradition of less emotional, more humorous Pixar shorts.

Day and Night, 2012 (Toy Story 3)

Day and Night is a very ethereal and odd Pixar short. It draws more from surrealist art and filmmaking than it does from traditional children’s movies. Day and Night is set against a black background and features mostly 2D animation, mixed with some 3D. Day and Night compete against each other, showing each other visions of different scenes. They compete to show which one is the best before realizing they actually complement each other very well.

Pixar short films are a masterful work of art. They show that you don’t need to beat viewers over the head with a lot of narrative, like boxing gloves from Goodbye Ninja. Some of the best stories ever told are minimal, but masterful.

Whо ѕаіd cartoons аrе fоr the уоung? Thе еffесtѕ and technology thаt goes into making a top аnіmаtеd short mоvіе аrе nоthіng ѕhоrt of brіllіаnt! Hоw can you nоt аррrесіаtе that?

  1. World of Tomorrow

This is a 17 minute short directed by Don Herzfeldt and is the story of a little girl who goes on an adventure with her clone from the future. While many of the animated shorts have been made without a voice, this one differs in that the main character, Emily Prime, chats away in unscripted dialogue. She is best described as adorable. Continue reading “My Top 10 Favorite Animated Short Movies 2016” »