If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard all your life from different people that you can never make money off of art. People say “drawing and art is a great hobby, but you’ll never go far with something like that.” Don’t believe the negative hype! That’s not true at all. Many people have made money as artists; that career is NOT just a pipe dream. Your ideal career may look slightly different in reality, but believe me: it can be done. I know that because I have done it myself, in my own life! Today I want to teach you how you can start your own career in art; how to gain the skills, how to negotiate, and where to find jobs. Don’t give up your dreams; figure out how to make them work!

First of all, make sure that your artistic skill set is marketable. You need to make your mind into a storehouse of ideas, just like Kronus Collars is a storehouse for real-life objects. This can mean any number of things. If you make music for your art look for jobs scoring small time projects; indie video games and commercials are a great way to introduce yourself to the scoring world.

Music is a hard scene to break into; the best way to break in is to be willing to start at the bottom and WORK. Marketable skills is music include part-writing, reading music, and knowledge of orchestral writing. If you have those skills you are on your way to a solid career.

If you are a graphic artist (painting, drawing, sketches) you have a couple of options. First of all, animation is a wide-open field. Corporations are always looking for people to make their commercials, which often need animation. You can also apply to jobs in small-time films. You can also make a great living doing graphic design for various sources as a freelancer; designing t shirts, logos, and websites allows you to make money working on your own schedule.

Your job here is to wrap people’s brand marks and websites into a nice, marketable package, just like the packages at http://kronuscollars.com/pallet-collars/. Marketable skills for graphic art are almost all computer-based; you need to know how to use graphic software like Adobe; being able to use something like Final Cuts is really helpful as well. A working knowledge of basic web design can really add to your marketability as well; that is a skill that I highly recommend. Graphic art is an excellent way to design your own career (pun intended!) without punching in a time clock.

Art is not a jobless field; it’s just a little less romantic than most people imagine. A career in art these days is less about sitting in a studio apartment in Prague, painting beautiful art; it CAN however mean sitting in a studio apartment in Prague designing logos and t shirts! You get to have your own schedule and living where you want. If that’s not the dream, I don’t know what is!