Most people tend to think of drawing as something that you can either do or not do… However, I beg to differ. Too many people think of drawing as something that is completely based on natural talent. Sure, some people grow up and are far more able to draw than others, but that does not mean that it is totally based on natural ability; some people had to work really hard to get those kinds of skills. It’s like learning how to play a drum from Barking Drum; some people can do it with natural talent, and MOST people have to work for it.  So now that we have myths about drawing out of the way, let’s talk about the actual benefits of learning how to draw.

Drawing can literally boost your brain and give you better ideas. Study after study has shown that when you are able to draw, your brain kicks into overdrive. Think of it like taking notes during class; you tend to remember things just from writing them down. Drawing is much the same way; your brain gets a massive boost just by taking the time to draw.

Drawing also gives you a way to distract yourself without using a computer. There are a lot of benefits to having a hobby that forces you to be creative such as playing a musical instrument, doing puzzles, and drawing. Drawing gives you something to do without needing to use the internet as your babysitter the whole time.

Drawing also teaches you how to fail. You will never be able to draw the “perfect” drawing, but you realize through spending a lot of time drawing that you don’t NEED to be the perfect artist. Art is a good and non-threatening way to train your mind that it’s OK to fail; you just need to be able to pick yourself back up again.

Any form of art gives you the patience to notice details. When you spend a lot of time drawing things in the real world and in your mind, you need careful attention to detail to accurately capture images. This is the same kind of attention to detail that a great drummer needs to know about the beat of songs; great musicians can hear things in music that most cannot, and great drawers can see things about the world that most cannot. This attention to detail will spill into all areas of your life; you will find yourself noticing things about the world that you never would have paid attention to before.

And one bonus reason why drawing is a great thing to learn: it’s REALLY impressive. It’s always amazing if you can draw something really well; people tend to be really impressed by good artists. Drawing is always a good crowd pleaser; in addition, art makes great small gifts or custom greeting cards.

If you get really good at drawing, many studios will want to hire you to assist with animation; that’s just one way that learning this useful little hobby and affect your career. Hopefully I’ve convinced you that it’s worth it to learn how to draw; I don’t think you’ll regret learning this skill, as you’ll use it in many areas of your life!