A great musical score completes a great movie. The names Howard Shore of the infamous Lord of the Rings film franchise and John Williams of the equally stellar Star Wars flicks are two names that both movie and music fans surely know.

But while many associate musical scores with films, animated movies have them too. And this is one of the things that truly captivated me to Margarita. I just couldn’t help but feel nostalgic every time I listen to its entrancing melody. I even once thought of learning how to play it on a digital piano – I was just pushed back while checking on the prices of different digital piano brands at https://digitalpianojudge.com/digital-piano-brands/ — they’re quite high!

I’ve heard great musical composers lend their expertise to animated movies. The likes of Phil Collins and Mark Mancina, Henry Pryce Jackman, and the Sherman Brothers have all composed music for various animated flicks. Some have even earned recognition for their stint into the animated movie scene.

While some have been rightfully recognized, others seem to have been neglected of the praise they so deserved. I’m particularly impressed by several Japanese composers who provide scores for Japanese animation.

Here I’d like to train the spotlight to some of the best underrated musical composers in the eastern animation world:

  1. Tenmon

If you’ve ever seen a Shinkai film, you’ve certainly heard a composition from Shirakawa Atsushi, popularly called as Tenmon. He initially worked for Falcom games but a random meeting with Makato Shinka has led him to world of anime. Some of his favorite melodies include Sayuri’s Melody and Distant Everyday Memories.

  1. Nako Sato

Nako Sato has earned an award locally for his work on the film “Always: Sunset on Third Street.” Other notable sound tracks include “Distant Memory” and “Sadame.” Sato has also been part of Eureka Seven, Evangelion, and X TV.

  1. Yoko Kanno

Well-respected in the Japanese animation industry, Yoko Kanno has worked not only for Japanese anime series and movies but also for video games, live action shows, commercials and song writers. She has a long list of notable compositions but some of the best ones are Wolf’s Rain, Cowboy Beebop, Ghost in a Shell, Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie, and Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

  1. Joe Hisaishi

Mamoru Fujisawa or Hisaishi is has written and directed numerous musical scores. Some of his great compositions include that of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle. He has also lent his music to live-action films. His music is so alive, full of emotions and very catching. I love how he perfectly combines the piano tune with all the other instruments. I bet he must have used a digital piano, like those at DigitalPianoJudge, for playing the melodies.

  1. Yuki Kaijura

A favorite of many anime fans, Yuki Kaijura has a unique, dark and captivating music. Her compositions, I can compare with that of Howard Shore’s LOTR. Some of her impressive musical compositions include Galza and A Song of Storm. She is also known to have worked for animes like Noir, Madlax, Gundam Seed, and Tsubasa.

The amazing works of these composers are truly worth listening.