Whо ѕаіd cartoons аrе fоr the уоung? Thе еffесtѕ and technology thаt goes into making a top аnіmаtеd short mоvіе аrе nоthіng ѕhоrt of brіllіаnt! Hоw can you nоt аррrесіаtе that?

  1. World of Tomorrow

This is a 17 minute short directed by Don Herzfeldt and is the story of a little girl who goes on an adventure with her clone from the future. While many of the animated shorts have been made without a voice, this one differs in that the main character, Emily Prime, chats away in unscripted dialogue. She is best described as adorable.

  1. We Can’t Live Without Cosmos

This movie is 15 minutes long; Russian made, and with no dialogue. It’s the story of two friends whose dream it was to become cosmonauts and travel into space. The animators have used simple 2D for the style and notable does not use a lot of flashy gimmicks. It’s a simple story, well told.

  1. Sanjay’s Super Team

This 7 minute animated short was made by a Pixar animator and tells the story of a young Indian boy’s difficulty in understanding all the gods that exist in their society.

  1. Prologue

The director of this 6 minute short is Richard Williams who gave us Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The story, without dialogue, shows a battle between the Spartans and Athenians as witnessed by a little girl.

  1. Bear Story

As the title suggests the story is about a bear that ends up in a circus. The short runs for 11 minutes and the lonely old bear plays out the story in a mechanical theater. It’s pretty unusual in the way it’s made.

  1. Velodrool

A creation by Estonian animator Sander Joon, this is a dark comedy that runs for 6 minutes about a nicotine addicted biker who runs out of cigarettes. His way to get a fix for his addiction is to join an unpredictable race that will enable him to get more.

  1. Sea Child

This 8-minute experimental movie is an animation showing a young girl on the verge of becoming a woman and is woken by a nightmare. She follows a group of guys into the city hoping to find her mother.

  1. Hippopotamy

This move is not for the faint hearted and is not recommended for viewers who are sensitive to sexual violence. It won a Canadian award and can best be described as brutal and provocative. The short runs for 12 minutes and was created by Piotr Dumala.

  1. Fired On Mars

How would you like to be fired from your job but you live on Mars? This is a comedy that runs for 7 minutes. There is no hope of being re-employed in such an environment, so our hero turns to watching DVD’s and eating chips to help him pass the time.

  1. Rubicon

A 7-minute comedy about that old age riddle: how do you get a wolf, a cabbage and a sheep across a river, one at a time, without them eating each other? You think it’s a topic that would hardly make a watchable movie? Check it out.